Unilever enlists vlogger Leanne Lim-Walker to front new campaign

Unilever enlists vlogger Leanne Lim-Walker to front new campaign

Personal care giant Unilever has enlisted YouTube vlogger Leanne Lim-Walker to front its new campaign for its body spray Impulse.

Capitalizing on the huge influence beauty bloggers and vloggers hold over modern day consumers, the Impulse campaign sees Lim-Walker undertake a series of dare-like challenges that look at the spontaneity of the tasks, emulating the brand’s ‘Live Life on Impulse’ tag line.

Produced by TMW Unlimited the film will be showcased online and on TV network Bauer as well as 4Music, MTV Kiss, Kerrang, Heat and The Box.

Lim-Walker will also be fronting a dedicated online site supporting the campaign, which invites users to enter into a prize draw to win weekly activities such as a VIP zoo sleepover and a holiday with friends.

Impulse’s Assistant Brand Manager, Yasmin Tavassoly-Marsh, said, “We wanted to inspire our audience to make the most of life, to be spontaneous and take on challenges. Working with Leanne has helped us really encourage our audience to Live Life on Impulse.”

Unilever joins a host of other beauty brands calling on social media influencers over celebrities to front campaigns, as the former draws more kudos from media-savvy consumers.