Unilever Indonesia faces Halal warranty challenges

Unilever Indonesia faces Halal warranty challenges

Unilever Indonesia is said to be facing challenges implementing its Halal warranty system due to the difficulties in monitoring third party collaborating with the company.

The personal care giant has a Halal warranty system for all its products and its factory, however, it is thought to be a challenging process.

Speaking at Kembang Goela Sudirman on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Unilever Indonesia Senior Personal Care R&D Operation Manager Endang Saraswati suggested that these challenges predominately arose from trying to convince third parties to also implement the warranty.

He said, “We must ensure that our suppliers and associates support our system so that our products are included in the halal criteria. They know that it must meet the criteria to cooperate with us.”

Such is the company’s commitment to creating a successful range of Halal products, it has set out a vigorous system to ensure these items hit the required standards at all stages.

The company has a stringent supervision system and also implements a product isolation procedure should an item be doubted to be Halal.

Speaking of the need for preparation of HR facilities, Endang continued, “Training and education become imperative.” Indeed, the company performs an audit every six months to defend the Halal certificate and is also working with the MUI on an external training program to train the internal auditors.