Unilever saves US$1 million as graduates recruited by robots

Unilever saves US$1 million as graduates recruited by robots

THE WHAT? Unilever has saved some 100,000 hours of recruiters’ time thanks to a piece of software designed to analyse video interviews, according to a report published by The Guardian.  

THE DETAILS The program, which was developed by US HireVue, scans facial expressions, body language and word choice to assess job suitability. Similar software is used by the likes of Vodafone, Singapore Airlines and Intel, says The Guardian.

However, these automated decision makers are not without their detractors. The Guardian points out that AI systems have been linked with unfair discrimination and that algorithm-based decision making could lead to a lack of diversity and inclusion.

HireVue, however, maintains that its program, which is now used as standard across Unilever’s graduate recruitment program, has resulted in a more ethnically and gender-diverse workforce. Unilever was also keen to point out that video interviews are optional.

THE WHY? In the context of Unilever’s zero-based budgeting and cost-cutting initiatives, a US$1 million saving in recruitment costs is not to be sniffed at.

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