Unilever Singapore targets elder demographic with Vaseline social documentary

Unilever Singapore is targeting elderly Singapore consumers through a collaboration with video entertainment platform Viddsee, with the two companies creating a two-part social documentary as part of Vaseline’s brand awareness campaign.

Targeting the older demographic, the documentary will be based around the tagline ‘Healing Skin for Generations since 1870’, and follows two elderly consumer’s ongoing pursuit of their lifelong passions and how Vaseline can be used to help this.

The two-episode documentary was directed by filmmaker Ng Yiqin and focuses on elderly consumers in Singapore that are still working and use Vaseline as part of their daily skincare routine in life and work.

Having already more than 450,000 views, Viddsee stated it has ‘no further plans to extend the campaign beyond the platforms it is currently on’ with the documentaries wanting to ‘engage an audience that is increasingly consuming content online, especially on mobile devices.’

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