Unilever to develop consumer complexes in new protocol with Ministry of Supply

Unilever to develop consumer complexes in new protocol with Ministry of Supply

According to Minister Khaled Hanafi, Unilever Global has entered into a new protocol with the Ministry of Supply to develop all branches of consumer complexes and wholesale companies.

Hanafi said, “The protocol includes that Unilever will develop and modernise the branches of the consumer and grocery stores by modernising designs, exhibition, and coordination.”

With more than 5,000 consumer complexes branches across Egypt, Unilever will undertake a plethora of roles in order to develop 25,000 grocery ration shops across the country. These roles include developing storage methods, increasing the storage space, designing a system that will ensure the quality of the products and the maintenance of good conditions during their validity period.

The Ministry of Supply had announced the development of the consumer complexes and wholesale companies in order for them to become the largest retailer chain in the Middle East. According to the protocol, Unilever is stated to provide the Ministry of Supply with manuals with information on how to train workers on modern sales methods, how to provide good services to customers, and how to develop trade performance.

The global personal care company is also set to help the officials responsible for the branches work on their return on investment, while following up on products that are slow sellers in order to activate them in the two-year protocol.