Unilever unveils new look ‘Marketplace’ US headquarters

Unilever unveils new look ‘Marketplace’ US headquarters

Unilever has unveiled its new look US headquarters ‘Marketplace’ with a walk-through tour of the space last week.

The new ‘smart’ facility came at a cost of approximately $53 billion and is said to be a one of the most sustainable and technologically advanced workplaces in the US thanks to its example of ‘green redevelopment’, which reduces operating costs by 20 percent, potable water demand and carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent.

Ian Dunning, Service Delivery Director of workplace services for North America at Unilever, said, “For us, it is all about sustainability, productivity, collaboration, agility and thriving in the more connected digital world that we live in today.”

The centre is now able to house all 1600 Unilever employees despite its adoption of ‘agile working’, which gives employees the choice of being able to choose where to work.

Having been in development for five years, the Dunning spoke of the company’s desire to stay at the Englewood Cliffs facility, stating, “We really wanted to remain here because we believe this location gives us the best of both worlds.
“We are able to not only maintain our campus feel and our long history with New Jersey and its people, but we also have access to talent in New York.”