Valisure petitions FDA to recall deodorants

Valisure petitions FDA to recall deodorants

THE WHAT? Valisure has submitted a citizen petition to the Commissioner of Food and Drugs calling for tighter regulatory control of antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays as well as a recall of certain products alleged to contain benzene.

THE DETAILS Valisure revealed that it has tested and detected high levels of benzene in specific batches of body spray products and accordingly is demanding that the Commissioner request a recall of identified lots, conduct an investigation into the manufacturing processes resulting in the presence of the carcinogen and provide information to the public on the same, among other actions.

THE WHY? The FDA currently recognizes the danger of benzene and, therefore, it shouldn’t be used in the manufacture of any component of a drug or cosmetic product unless its use is ‘unavoidable’. As several of the products tested by Valisure did not contain detectable levels of benzene, it cannot be deemed ‘unavoidable’.