VariBlend launches dual-dispenser technology

VariBlend launches dual-dispenser technology

US manufacturer VariBlend has launched Made-in-America MiniMix™ 20mm dispenser, a new dual dispensing technology for personal care products such as lip gloss and concealers.


MiniMix™ utilizes patented technology to provide a fixed or variable delivery ratio of two different product formulations. 

It utilizes a tightly webbed, precision matrix of 19 separate nozzles to distribute select ratios of two thoroughly blended formulas onto a surface applicator, resulting in a freshly blended, smooth delivery.

Due to its colour blending functionality, manufactueres are aiming the dispenser at lip, eye, and face colour cosmetics.  Yet it can also be used for products delivered in various strengths, such as skin care and oral care products, OTC drugs, and those that require ingredient segregation.

Robert Brands, CEO and President of VariBlend, commented, “Our proven, easy-to-use system delivers U.S. quality, unsurpassed cost-efficiency and allows the consumer to choose between two shades that can be applied each on its own, or in any of seven combinations.”

“Imagine, for example, end-users having to carry only one shade of lip gloss, instead of seven.  Now, with MiniMix™, it’s as simple as turning a twist-knob on the adjustable color scale from one to seven.  Here is another VariBlend dispensing platform that delivers exceptional return on investment, builds brands and delivers true consumer value-added.”

MiniMix™ offers a consumer variable ratio, which allows for multiple settings between formulas. It outputs up to 25microliters per stroke and can blend from 3ml to 5ml in like, or different, rheologies.