Vetroplas launches in-mould labelling technology for tubes into the UK

Vetroplas launches in-mould labelling technology for tubes into the UK

Vetroplas, a packaging supplier for the cosmetics and personal care industry across the UK and Ireland, is launching a range of tubes using new in-mould labelling technology.

Vetroplas claims to be the first UK-based company to offer the technology, developed by Franco-Spanish tube manufacturing CTL.

Previously only available to CTL’s customers in the US, CTL’s Easy Supply Tubes (EST) are injection-moulded plastic tubes, with in-mould labels. The EST technology supports metallic effects, a combination of matt and gloss finishes, and photographic CMYK images.

The tube sleeves are produced in polypropylene, matching the cap material and ethylene vinyl alcohol can be added to enhance barrier properties.

Simon Dix, sales director at Vetroplas commented, “Now produced at the Spanish Factory, the EST tubes are manufactured using a revolutionary new technique of in-mould labelling, providing a compelling solution for our customers. The product offers highly decorative tubes with the added luxury of having the whole sleeve covered from the seal to the cap – the difference being the decoration is on the label, not the tube sleeve itself.”

An additional benefit of the EST tubes is a shorter lead time, as only labels need to be printed and held in stock for future tube production,” he added.