Victoria’s Secret targets tween market with launch of new fully digital brand, Happy Nation 

Victoria’s Secret targets tween market with launch of new fully digital brand, Happy Nation 

THE WHAT? Victoria’s Secret is targeting the tween market with the launch of its new brand, Happy Nation. 

THE DETAILS Happy Nation is a fully digital brand with products for tweens ages 8-13, and is said to offer a size-inclusive and gender-free product assortment of sweats, swim, bras, undies and family friendly body care.

The development of the brand was said to be highly collaborative, ‘which included the insight of various internal leaders as well as external experts to ensure everything from its creative, to photography and social media communications foster a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.‘

Many associates that developed the brand are also parents of tweens.

While focusing on social and digital engagement, with no plans to hit retail stores, Happy Nation is also set to hit the Metaverse on a ‘popular gaming platform’ later this summer.  

THE WHY? According to Victoria’s Secret, “The brand aims to create judgment-free products for tweens that are accepting, inclusive and supportive and will serve a unique need in the market for a genuine brand tweens can call their own.”

Claudine Rankin, General Manager at Happy Nation, led the brand’s development. She says, “We heard from tweens and their parents that they felt like there isn’t an apparel or beauty brand that celebrates and lends a helping hand in their personal evolution. 

“As a mother, I feel a deep responsibility to be intentional about every decision behind this brand. The tween years can be a time of immense change and challenges yet excitement for both tweens and their parents, and we hope Happy Nation can provide the authenticity that younger generations crave, while offering comfy clothing and body care products that kids and their parents can feel good about.”