W.Lab sues Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara for copyright infringement

W.Lab sues Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara for copyright infringement

Korean cosmetics company W.Lab has countersued Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara over an image that has been used on the company’s W-Honey Beam Cushion make-up compact.

Nara initially contacted W.Lab requesting it recall the product due to the imagery being too similar to his cute designs, in particular one of a young girl. However, the company has now countersued over authorship, suggesting the product was indeed designed by its team in house.

W.Lab has filed a lawsuit against Nara that states its ‘Bee Girl’ was designed by its internal team and that he was unlawful it requesting its withdrawal.

In since-deleted-Tweets, according to ArtForm, Nara stated on Twitter, “I thought this crossed the line of mere resemblance. While I’ve turned a blind eye to small works and signboards that contain slight copies [of my works], I thought this one was pretty severe, so I sent the company a letter of warning. I was expecting them to revise the image and not have them go to court over it, but instead, the company filed a counter-claim, saying ‘they were the author of the work’, and ‘Nara has no right to claim restitution’. I’ll be corresponding with them in consultation with a copyright lawyer.”