Walgreens Boots Alliance announces dual UK and US launch for millennial-focused Your Good Skin

Walgreens Boots Alliance announces dual UK and US launch for millennial-focused Your Good Skin

Walgreens Boots Alliance has announced the launch of a new skin care range Your Good Skin, which will roll out across both the UK and US simultaneously, and is aimed at the ‘older’ millennial consumer that’s starting to think seriously about their skin care routine, according to a report by WWD.

The first major global launch since the Botanics range some 20 years ago, the Your Good Skin range is being rolled out across 1,300 Boots stores in the UK and its e-commerce channel this week. The 23-SKU skin care line, designed to hydrate, mattify and fight blemishes, will launch in Walgreens on 14th October, with a further roll out planned for Boots stores in Asia, Middle East and smaller European countries such as Norway following the initial debut.

Featuring skin care products such as cleansers, masks, toners, day and night moisturizers and make-up removers, the range is priced for the mass-market ranging from $4.49 to $19.99 and was created by a team of Boots scientists and dermatologists with a 2000 strong female focus group in the UK.  

The company has also launched an e-commerce site to accompany the new range – yourgoodskin.com – which will both sell the product and feature the ‘GoodSkinIn28’ challenge. With the range claiming to give healthier skin in 28 days, the online challenge is aimed at enticing consumers to the website to share experiences with the product and document their results, while swapping tips. The female focus group will also work as ‘coaches’ for the community. 

Kristof Neirynck, Vice President and Global Brand Director of skin care for Walgreens Boots Alliance, said, “This is the first time we’ve co-developed a brand with a community and are leveraging a community as part of marketing a brand.”

The range was launched after the company saw a gap in the market for a mass market preventative skin care line, with Neirynck stating, “When we started talking to women about what they wanted in the space, the key thing they told us that their skin doesn’t come with an instruction manual — one day it’s dry, the next it’s oily and has blemishes. What came out of it is this mindset of problem-solution. A lot of this proposition is around preventing skin issues in the first place.”

Currently exclusive to Boots and Walgreen, Neirynck has suggested the company would be open to distribution deals similar to those linked with No7 and Botanics.