Watsons China launches WeChat Work and Cloud stores

Watsons China launches WeChat Work and Cloud stores

THE WHAT? Watsons has partnered with Tencent-owned WeChat Work to usher in Watsons China’s WeChat Work platform and plan to first launch Cloud-based stores in the first quarter of 2020.

THE DETAILS Customers will be able to add store staff as friends on the social media platform who will then act as their personal beauty consultants. Shoppers will be able to seek advice round the clock from any location and order products via the Cloud store system.

“WeChat Work helps us nurture a closer relationship with our customers,” said Ellen Shen, Store Manager of Wanda Plaza Watsons Store in ZhengZhou. “They can now contact us any time for personalized service and advice. We’re glad to be able to earn their trust and become their friends. Since its launch, we’ve received very positive response from customers who have added us as friends to enjoy this one-to-one service.”

THE WHY? The new facility will allow Watsons China to provide personalised service to its 65 million loyal members as well as a round-the-clock shopping experience, increasing the scope of its 3,800 stores.

As Kulvinder Birring, CEO of Watsons China says, “To retain our over 65 million loyal members as well as appeal to new customers, we have to be at the cutting edge of retailing, and find a way to stay close with them. With big data technology, these social commerce platforms add another dimension to our relationship with customers, enabling us to connect and interact with them, and ultimately become the most-loved brand of our customers.”