WeChat groups key to reaching Chinese customers

WeChat groups key to reaching Chinese customers

THE WHAT? Chinese and foreign brands are becoming increasingly reliant on WeChat to reach shoppers, according to a report published by SCMP.

THE DETAILS The direct messaging app is proving to be an important marketing tool, dubbed ‘private traffic’, helping to recruit new customers and maintain brand loyalty, SCMP says.

Where brands would use email in the West, in China, the Tencent-owned app is the equivalent, enabling brands to promote products, disseminate discounts and receive payments. Sales via private traffic will hit CNY3 trillion this year, Azoya estimates in its June report.

THE WHY? Due to the pandemic, shoppers barred from entering stores in person have increasingly sought out personal connections via WeChat. With 1.2 million monthly active users, the app has a huge audience. Franklin Chu, Managing Director of Azoya USA told SCMP, “’Private traffic’ is a buzzword in China. Private domain operations are no longer the icing on the cake… they are the must-haves for retailers. It will become the new norm.”