Weleda sends open letter urging European Commission to ban microplastics in beauty products

Weleda sends open letter urging European Commission to ban microplastics in beauty products

THE WHAT? Weleda is spearheading an open letter to the European Commission urging them to ban microplastics in beauty products.

THE DETAILS The German naturals brand said that it does not believe that the current legislation goes far enough and is unnecessarily lenient on brands that continue to use microplastics in production.

“We all deserve to live in an environment free of microplastics, whether on our beaches, in the air we breathe or in our products – especially when microplastics are not necessary,” Madhuri Prabhakar, Microplastics Campaigner at Plastic Soup Foundation. “Brands like Naïf, Weleda, Neals Yard, Laboratoire Léa Nature and Beauty Kitchen, who have signed this letter, are sending a clear message to EU Member States: alternatives to microplastics already exist. It is high time the rest of the cosmetics industry embrace those alternatives. There is no reason to delay the EU restriction any further or allow for excessively long transition periods.”

THE WHY? Nataliya Yarmolenko, Chief Commercial Officer at Weleda says: “Together with fellow microplastics-free brands we urge the European Commission to implement decisive, consistent, and rapid introduction of microplastic-free legislation as a matter of urgency. We feel there is no justification for the exceptionally long 12-year transition period when certified natural cosmetics brands such as Weleda show that working without using microplastics at all has always been possible. We know that consumers share our passion for genuine sustainability, with 90 percent of shoppers believing ethics-related considerations are important when buying beauty products. The beauty industry and others needs to prioritize alternatives to microplastics, so that we can move forward as an innovative, collective, planet friendly beauty industry.”