Wella Company announces digital global We Create event

Wella Company announces digital global We Create event

THE WHAT? Wella Company has announced its first global ‘We Create’ digital event, which will be an agenda of shows, seminars and conversations aimed at beauty professionals.  

THE DETAILS The event, which takes place on 25thApril, 2021, is free to attend with advance registration and will feature industry experts such as Robert Eaton, Sonya Dove, Darren Ambrose, Zoe Irwin, Akin Konizi, Patrick Cameron.

Two channels, WeInspire and WeTransform, will be streaming simultaneously and will feature content such as hair transformations, top tips, educational and business advice. It will be available to view for one month after. 

THE WHY? The event has been created to act like a TV show, broadcast over two channels, and is said to be a way for individuals to ‘maximise your professional and personal growth.’