White lies: P&G challenges Colgate over whitening claims

White lies: P&G challenges Colgate over whitening claims

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble’s Oral B brand has filed a lawsuit against rival Colgate for misleading Australian consumers over the effectiveness of its Colgate Optic White Renewal whitening toothpaste, according to a report published by The New Daily.

THE DETAILS Colgate advertises the toothpaste as ‘proven to deeply whiten beyond surface stains’ and claims that it can remove a decade’s worth of yellowing in the space of four weeks. Procter & Gamble, however, has countered that the claim has no scientific basis.

“The [toothpaste] is likely to provide only a minor teeth whitening effect and will not provide a major teeth whitening effect on stains and discoloration internal to the tooth that is measurable against 10 years of yellow stains,” P&G contends in its statement of claim.

Colgate is yet to respond to the suit.

THE WHY? Procter & Gamble wants to keep the playing field level – while Colgate-Palmolive is Australia’s market leader in the tooth whitening segment, it should not cause ‘loss and damage’ to its rivals by denting consumer confidence in the category through misrepresentation.

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