Will the UK backtrack on cruelty-free cosmetics?

Will the UK backtrack on cruelty-free cosmetics?

THE WHAT? Cruelty Free International has raised the alert after being informed by the Home Office that the UK government could be reconsidering its policy on animal testing for cosmetics, according to a report published by The Guardian.

THE DETAILS The government told CFI that animal testing could be required for some cosmetic ingredients following a ruling by the European Chemicals Agency last year.

Symrise was ordered to carry out animal tests on two ingredients to comply with chemicals regulations in a departure from the wider EU ban on the practice.

THE WHY? A government spokesperson told The Guardian, “Under UK regulations to protect the environment and the safety of workers, animal testing can be permitted, where required by UK regulators, on single or multiuse ingredients. However, such testing can only be conducted where there are no non-animal alternatives.”