Yandex to launch cross-border e-commerce platform for Russian market

Yandex to launch cross-border e-commerce platform for Russian market

Comparison shopping engine Yandex has announced the launch of two new online shopping vehicles for Russia. The first, Bringly, is a cross-border e-commerce platform while the second is an online marketplace named Beru, which translates as ‘I’ll take it’.

Beru has been operated in beta since June this year, fulfilling 180,000 orders to date. It’s official launch was marked two weeks ago and it now offers goods from 1,000 retailers over 600 categories. Orders are processed and delivered from a Moscow-based fulfilment center and a next-day option is available in the city, with delivery times for more remote areas improved.

Bringly, meanwhile, lists four million products from foreign brands K-beauty go smartphones – the most popular will be housed in a Latvian warehouse to expedite shipping.

“The Russian e-commerce market is still developing and has incredible potential for both domestic goods and cross-border sales,” says Maxim Grishakov, CEO of Yandex.Market. “While the e-commerce market continues to grow, there are still many areas for improvement to make the online shopping process better for users. With Beru, Yandex is using its technological developments to create a greater e-commerce experience. Through Bringly, we are excited to be providing users with even more options by delivering goods directly to consumers, as two in three Russians make cross-border purchases online.”

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