Yoshitsu to take direct control of Hong Kong stores

Yoshitsu to take direct control of Hong Kong stores

THE WHAT? Yoshitsu has announced that it is going to take over direct operating control of its stores in Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, North America, and the UK from incumbent management agency, Excellent Wellbeing International.

THE DETAILS Yoshitsu has terminated the business cooperation the two companies entered into at the end of November.

THE WHY? Yoshitsu aims to enhance the customer experience, profitability and business performance of its Hong Kong stores, it said. Mei Kanayama, Principal Executive Officer at Yoshitsu, commented, “Through the transition of the operational control in Hong Kong’s stores, we expect to better adapt to market changes and serve our local customers. With the full operational autonomy, we believe that we will be in a better position to align our service standards in Hong Kong and optimize our costs among all the Hong Kong stores.

“We are committed to offering high-quality products and services to our Hong Kong customers, and expect to be able to cater to our Hong Kong customers’ needs more promptly. We believe the transition demonstrates the Company’s commitment to operational streamlining and expect this will improve customer experiences in our endeavors in achieving ever greater business success.”