You’ve been schooled: L’Occitane teaches US shoppers how to pronounce its name

L’Occitane has launched a campaign designed to help US shoppers pronounce its name correctly. The brand reasoned that many consumers, and even some employees, feel ashamed that they don’t know the correct pronunciation and therefore hopes to build a sense of community and make light of this common conundrum.

“We are thrilled to release this campaign with the hope that we will build a stronger relationship with our customers and instill confidence in our Beauty Advisors who are at the heart of our business,” said Ashley Arbuckle, Vice President, Brand Marketing. “We are a brand with a rich anecdotal heritage that we are eager to share more with our customers. With this campaign, we hope our boutiques will become more approachable and our customers will be able to proudly speak about our stores and products with their friends and family.”

The campaign will be featured in store as well as on digital and social media platforms and consists of a ‘fun and engaging’ video starring the Provencal brand’s own employees, as well as a series of branded memes.