Yuhan-Kimberley eyes the beauty market

Yuhan-Kimberley eyes the beauty market

Choe Kyoo-bok, CEO of Yuhan-Kimberley, the joint venture between Kimberley Clark and Korean pharma company Yuhan, has revealed that the company is hoping to expand its beauty offer.

The company successfully created a baby skin care line, Green Finger, in 2007 but failed to replicate its success with a follow-up launch for teen skin thanks to stiff competition from local players LG Household & Health Care and AmorePacific.

However, Kyoo-bok remains undeterred. “We still would like to know more about the beauty market. That’s why we decided to build a strategic partnership with Unilever to learn know-how in the segment,” he said in an interview with The Korea Herald. The company set up a home and beauty headquarters to carry out marketing on Unilever’s behalf last year.

Kyoo-bok also revealed that the company’s successful diaper and feminine care lines remain popular in different markets thanks to the company’s ‘glocalization’ strategy, whereby it adapts its international products to suit local consumer preferences. “If global conglomerates have the same products and marketing strategies in various markets, their business will get into trouble,” he said.