Yves Rocher closes English online site blaming ‘economic context’

Yves Rocher closes English online site blaming  ‘economic context’

French beauty house Yves Rocher is set to close its English e-commerce site, with final orders for UK consumers having to be placed before 14th March.

Closing some fifteen days before the official Brexit date, while the French beauty house does not specifically mention the political situation, it states, “the economic context does not allow Yves Rocher to continue to trade in the United Kingdom.”

Having been present in the UK market for 25 years, the country is actually only responsible for 0.5 percent of its 153 million page views worldwide per annum.

It is not the first site to shut up shop in the market, with Sephora withdrawing its UK site at the end of last year due to scarce traffic.

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  1. It`s difficult to see how this decision cannot have been affected in some way by Brexit.
    However sales from the site have been poor. The current global slowdown
    and diminished consumer purchasing power are also factors.
    I suspect they will not be the last to make difficult decisions of this kind
    with the current economic uncertainty.


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