Z Skin Cosmetics owner turns down Sephora offer

Z Skin Cosmetics owner turns down Sephora offer

Ryan Zamo, owner of Z Skin Cosmetics, has turned down an offer from beauty retailer Sephora to stock his natural skin care brand in favour on concentrating on reorganising the team at the core of the brand.

The decision to turn down the offer follows the unexpected death of Zamo’s mother, who was Co-Founder of the brand and a long time plant and biologist and horticulturist. Karen Zamo was found dead in Florida home earlier this year, leading to Ryan Zamo taking a four-month hiatus from the business.

Sephora approached Zamo prior to his mother’s death to offer to stock the organic skin care brand in stores across the world. However, Zamo has now officially declined the offer in a bid to focus more on the make-up of the company.

Zamo said, “My mom was a huge part of the developmental process of the products, our products have won so many awards because of the unprecedented ingredients we use, and that is all thanks to my mom.
“I would love to have taken the offer, but after these past few months, I realized that I should take more time for myself. I don’t mind working 19 hour days and answering each phone call and email inquiry personally, but without my mom here, I know I have to take on a much larger work load. I turned down Sephora’s offer to work on rebuilding the company’s infrastructure instead, I’ve brought in new team members to help out with branding and marketing, and I really want to zero in on fine-tuning my current products.”

As previously reported by Global Cosmetics News, thanks to a desire to create a high-end product at affordable prices, college student Ryan Zamo has created Z Skin Cosmetics, which has become a leader in the organic skin care, hair care and make-up markets within a year.

Since its launch one year ago, Z Skin Cosmetics has received a plethora of accolades, including Product Of The Year by the Wall Street Journal, Best New Affordable Skincare Line by The Daily News and The Next Proactiv and Clinique By Fox News. The 26 year old entrepreneur uses exotic herbs and oils from around the world, which are said to not be used in any other products.

Zamo, says, “I wanted to bring high-end, luxury, organic products to everyday people. My philosophy was simple, ‘There’s a lot more normal people than there is untouchables, I know I would love to have amazing products that actually work that cost thousands of dollars, but that’s just a fantasy. I can’t afford it, but the thought of it is lovely, and I know many people can relate with that. So, I made a product that usually costs close to $400, and I brought it to everyday customers for under $25″.

Products under the Z Skin Cosmetic’s brand include sun screen, anti-ageing skin care, acne treatments, herbal hair products and mineral make up, including foundation, bronzer, powder, primer, mascara and lip shimmer.

Zamo continues, “I looked at what makes me a customer for life and brought that to my company, to me it’s something that should be exclusively for the rich and famous, and still has better products and services, priced for anyone to enjoy. That is what makes me a lifelong customer, high end products and untouchable service, for a realistic price.”