Z Skin Cosmetics targets young male teens with new make-up based acne products

Z Skin Cosmetics targets young male teens with new make-up based acne products

Natural skin care company Z Skin Cosmetics is blurring the lines between the genders and promoting its new Zz Mineral Acne products at young male consumers.

The products have been created to prevent acne by preventing the skin from creating excess oil and shine, which in turn creates break outs. However, the products are said to fall under the mineral make up umbrella and are allegedly confusing some parents with its marketing campaign directed at young men.

CEO of the company Ryan Zamo says, “Guys wear cover up all the time to conceal their breakouts. Believe it or not, studies show that almost 30 percent of teenage and young adult males have admitted to using it, but typical cover up is terrible for the skin. It clogs the pores and makes the break outs even worse, but our products are made to be undetectable, while stopping excess oil and helping to heal the breakouts. By allowing the skin to breathe, the new ‘Zz Mineral Acne Products’ use ingredients proven to reduce pimple size, prevent scaring and heal acne faster than anything else on the market.” 

According to the marketing team behind the products there has been an ‘uproar’ amongst parents of the teen males that are being targeted, with the marketing team suggesting, “Parents have started seeing the new campaign as an attempt to blur gender lines, which has caused concern as we attempt to target younger males.”

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