Zara Launches New Hair Line

Zara Launches New Hair Line

THE WHAT?  Zara is entering the hair product market with a new line called “Zara Hair,” developed in collaboration with hairstylist Guido Palau. The line includes a set of hair accessories and products – a gold gel, glitter spray, bobby pin, and comb, priced at US$49.90. Palau notes this is the start of a broader range of hair products Zara plans to release next year, with this initial launch serving as a teaser for the holiday season.

THE DETAILS   This move into hair products follows Zara’s earlier ventures into makeup in 2021 and a fragrance line with Jo Malone. Palau has been in discussions with Zara for some time about creating a hair line, and he describes the company as receptive to new ideas. The first release focuses on cosmetic hair products rather than traditional hair care items, targeting a broad audience with products intended for adding a festive touch to hair.

THE WHY? Zara’s entry into the hair care market is influenced by increasing consumer interest in premium hair care products. Recent market data shows a trend of consumers upgrading to more upscale hair care options. Zara’s choice to start with cosmetic hair products aligns with its fashion-centric brand identity and taps into the holiday season’s gifting market, positioning the company in a growing segment of the beauty industry.