ASA rules Unilever ad’s eco claims ‘ambiguous’

ASA rules Unilever ad’s eco claims ‘ambiguous’

THE WHAT? The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that an ad for Unilever-owned Persil that claims the laundry detergent is ‘kinder to the planet’ is misleading and must not be aired in its current form.

THE DETAILS The complainant challenged whether the claims that Persil washing liquid was ‘kinder to our plant’ were misleading and could be substantiated. The ad was found to breach BCAP code 3.1 (misleading advertising, 3.9 (substantiation, 9.2, 9.4 and 9.5 (environmental claims).

THE WHY? The ASA said that the company’s claim that the laundry detergent was ‘kinder’ to our planet was ambiguous and that the ad failed to explain the basis of the comparative claim. Further, there was insufficient evidence that such claims were based on the full cycle of the advertised product. “Although we acknowledged Persil were undertaking actions to reduce the environmental impact of their products, we had not seen evidence or analysis to demonstrate the overall environmental impact of the featured liquid detergents over their full life cycles, compared with Persil’s own previous products or other products, in support of the claim.”