Brazil to create new chemicals management legislation

Brazil to create new chemicals management legislation

Brazil has announced a comprehensive draft law in order to establish a national register for industrial chemicals, which is expected to come into practice at the end of 2019 following approval by the National Congress.

The new legislation comes as the country is party to the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions, having made the substantial move in order to allow for greater risk assessment and management of certain substances within industries such as cosmetics.

While there are regulations already in place, it is thought much more is needed to be done, with the draft law establishing a national register for industrial chemicals as well as carrying out risk assessments and set sound management strategies.

According to, “The Brazilian project aims to strengthen institutional capacity for the appropriate management of chemical substances, through the establishment of the structure necessary to implement the national legislation on industrial chemical substances. Furthermore, the project will prepare and train institutions to fufill their duties in relation to the new law on industrial chemicals.”