eos Products expands Shea Better sustainable sourcing program

eos Products expands Shea Better sustainable sourcing program

THE WHAT? eos Products has announced the expansion of its Shea Better sustainability program for 2020, in partnership with the Global Shea Alliance (GSA), USAID and their supply chain.

THE DETAILS The company, which is known for its lip balm products, is expanding its pledge through the implementation of multiple projects that will make a larger impact to its Shea sourcing communities in Ghana. 

The work will include building micro-warehouses in eight different communities and co-financing and constructing a modern organic Shea processing center that will allow the surrounding communities the opportunity to work more efficiently, safely and sustainably. 

Soyoung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer at eos, said, “Our SHEA BETTER sustainability program, in partnership with the Global Shea Alliance, is focused on giving back to the community because we know the Shea trade supplies women harvesters with a meaningful income. We are also proud to serve as co-chair of the GSA’s Sustainability Working Group, whose goal is to govern the development and oversee the implementation of the GSA’s sustainability program.”

THE WHY? The company has stated its committed to finding ways to help female Shea collectors maximize their income opportunities, while protecting the ecosystem.

eos Founder and CEO, Jonathan Teller, said, “We believe in supporting the communities and ecosystems from which we source all of our Shea. We started our SHEA BETTER sustainability program in 2018 by building fuel-efficient stoves for women Shea harvesters in Burkina Faso and saw first-hand how we can have a positive influence on the communities.”

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