Fish skin: the new miracle anti-aging ingredient?

Fish skin: the new miracle anti-aging ingredient?

If you thought snail slime was the limit, think again. New Zealand-based nanofiber manufacturer Revolution Fibres has launched a sheet mask made from fish skin, according to a report published by Stuff.

OK, we may have simplified that just a little; indeed, the mask is actually made from fibers drawn from droplets of a solution formed from collagen extracted from hoki fish skins and bioactives including kiwifruit extract, honey and hyaluronic acid.

“These fibers are 500 times thinner than human hair, and between 10-100 times smaller than the human skin pore,” Revolution Fibres Chief Executive Iain Hosie told Stuff. Applied to wet skin, the fibers disintegrate and the collagen is able to penetrate skin rapidly, reaching a depth of 1.5mm within 60 seconds.

However, the collagen is merely a vessel ingredient; the fish skin is bio-compatible with our own skin, facilitating the delivery of the bio-actives, which are said to have anti-aging properties.  

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