Hairy’s not scary: Dove democratizes the armpit

THE WHAT? Unilever-owned Dove has launched a campaign to celebrate armpits that deviate from the ‘ideal’, according to a report published by The Drum.

THE DETAILS The campaign, which was created by Ogilvy, features 13 women from different backgrounds sharing their views on this oft maligned body part.

“It’s so inspiring to see such a confident group of women share their underarm stories in such a powerful way. It’s a seemingly small element of our bodies, but as our study shows, the pressure for them to look a certain way can affect self-esteem and confidence,” Kath Swallow, Global Brand Vice President, Dove Deodorants at Unilever told The Drum.  

THE WHY? Dove has long traded on its self-esteem message – from body size and shape to motherhood, it’s mission to break down beauty standards is its USP. This latest campaign continues the quest to win consumer hearts.