Harry’s Lab launches offshoot women’s hair removal line Flamingo

Harry’s Lab launches offshoot women’s hair removal line Flamingo

Harry’s Lab has launched into the women’s hair removal market with new offshoot line named Flamingo, according to a report by WWD.com.

The range is a new angle for Harry’s Lab, which is an in-house brand incubator born from Harry’s, and is the first foray into women’s hair removal for the company.

The Flamingo product range includes hair removal and body care products for women such as razors, handles, blades, wax kits, shaving gel and body lotion, with the direct-to-consumer model priced at $5 – $10 per product.

Speaking to WWD.com, Allie Melnick, General Manager of Flamingo, said that the inspiration behind the launch of the brand was to create a “holistic suite of products to better meet women’s body-care needs.”

Evolving from an investment into the company from Alliance Consumer Growth, the Flamingo brand was said to be in development for two years following market research from around 1000 women talking about their hair removal needs.

Melnick stated, “Even before launching Harry’s, in the very early days there was a serious conversation about whether Harry’s should be a unisex brand.
“It seems silly now because we very quickly learned there’s real differences in body hair and how women think of it.”

The Flamingo razors have ergonomic handles while the wax kits are created with a soft gel that doesn’t require heating. While Harry’s is a subscription model, the Flamingo brand will be available for consumers to buy as and when.

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