Pakistan and Turkish agencies cooperate on Halal standards

Pakistan and Turkish agencies cooperate on Halal standards

THE WHAT? The Halal Accreditation Agency of Turkey and Pakistan National Accreditation Council have signed a memorandum of understanding with a view to developing uniform standards, according to a report published by Urdu Point.

THE DETAILS The two agencies will share experiences in the field and help each other through joint seminars, conferences and training programs.

THE WHY? Dr Tariq Masood, Spokesperson for Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology told the newspaper that developing a uniform standard that was acceptable to all would discourage the fragmented standards currently practiced throughout the country.

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  1. As Mohmad Faisal Ahmad Fadzil has posited, halal and toyyiban should go hand in hand…. the right ingredients with the right intentions. If a product is halal, but is made with unfair practices like bribery or child labor, is it not still haram? Such would be a standard that all should find honorable and acceptable.


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