Shiseido Hong Kong unveils innovative AI-based campaign  

Shiseido Hong Kong unveils innovative AI-based campaign  

THE WHAT? Shiseido has collaborated with Hong Kong-based Narrow Door, iProspect and Innocept to create a novel campaign designed to promote its signature skin care range. The campaign stars pop group Mirror and fuses artificial intelligence with creativity.

THE DETAILS According to a report published by Marketing Interactive, the J-beauty brand harnesses AI tools to visualise the physical and emotional benefits of its skin care line. Shiseido has released a video that shows the boy band members dancing while wearing bio-sensors that capture their brain waves. The data is then transformed into AI algorithms that generates imagery synchronised to the group’s body movements and music.  

THE WHY? Gloria Ho, President and Managing Director, Shiseido Hong Kong, told Marketing Interactive, “Innovation has always been a hallmark of the brand Shiseido in the group. This time, we wanted to take innovation one big step forward by making the campaign as innovative as the products themselves. We have a great product story that resonates with the latest Shiseido holistic beauty philosophy. With AI, we can tell it like it has never been told.”