Singapore opens COVID-secure meeting facility

Singapore opens COVID-secure meeting facility

THE WHAT? Singapore has cut the ribbon on a new venue designed to facilitate in-person meetings without upping the risk of COVID-19 transmission, according to a report published by Nikkei Asia.

THE DETAILS [email protected], as the venue is dubbed, sits near the eponymous airport and is said to be the first of its kind.

Visitors will be able to stay at the facility and attend meetings in rooms divided with airtight glass barriers fitted with dedicated windows where sanitized documents can be passed between attendees.

Locals will enter via a separate entrance while foreigners will be able to travel directly to the facility from the airport without the need to self-isolate.

THE WHY? The ‘bubble’ facility is designed to help maintain Singapore’s status as a regional business hub, Nikkei Asia says, and aid the beleaguered business travel industry as well as facilitate Singapore’s hosting of the World Economic Forum in August.

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