Stoner stockpiling: cannabis sales soar in California et al

Stoner stockpiling: cannabis sales soar in California et al

THE WHAT? Sales of cannabis have risen by a substantial margin across those US states where it is legal to sell marijuana for recreational use, as consumers stock up in advance of store closures and potential lockdowns, according to a report published by Bloomberg.

THE DETAILS California saw sales rise an impressive 159 percent year-on-year on March 16, while Washington and Colorado enjoyed gains of 100 percent and 46 percent respectively, says Bloomberg, quoting data from Headset Inc.

Transaction value spiked, with average spend hitting US$33.70, up 22 percent from the week before. Edibles were particularly popular.

THE WHY? Now the world presumably has enough loo roll in its collective cupboards, thoughts are turning to passing the time in a potential lockdown situation. With many countries and States ordering the closure of non-essential stores, shoppers are anticipating their needs for the months ahead.

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