YSL Beauty re-commits to ecosystem restoration in Ourika Valley, Morocco

YSL Beauty re-commits to ecosystem restoration in Ourika Valley, Morocco

THE WHAT? YSL Beauty has reconfirmed its commitment to regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in the Ourika Valley, home of its Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco.

THE DETAILS Honoring World Environment Day, the beauty company is aligning with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration program, which launched last week and will run until 2030.

The company is pledging to ‘continue and intensify’ the program, with the Ourika Community Gardens launching in 2013 as a dedicated space to grow cosmetic ingredients and reflect an innovative approach to research. The space is dedicated entirely to botanical science. 

Stephan Bezy, International General Manager, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, said, “The Ourika Community Gardens is an experimental project inspired by M. Yves Saint Laurent’s passion for the Moroccan landscape. Following in his footsteps, these gardens offer an opportunity to observe, cultivate and, ultimately transform an ecosystem threatened by climate change into a flourishing environment.”

THE WHAT? YSL Beauty states it is looking to ‘positively impact biodiversity and local communities by restoring degraded land and creating a virtuous circle of innovation, restoration and sustainable growth’ via the bolstered commitment. 

Caroline Nègre, YSL Beauty, Director of Scientific Communications, said, “The world’s leading scientists have warned that we only have ten years left to reduce our use of resources in order to combat climate change. Alongside our own in-depth transformation process to reduce our impact on resources, it is essential and urgent that we start deploying solutions if we want to restore and regenerate our ecosystems.”