Avon launches new podcast series Make It Happen: Powered by Avon

Avon launches new podcast series Make It Happen: Powered by Avon

Direct sales beauty company Avon has launched a new podcast series named Make It Happen: Powered by Avon, which features discussions between Avon representatives and ‘business minds.’

Hosted by Evy deAngelis, Executive Director of Sales Development at Avon, the series sees participants such as beauty industry social influencer Lara Eurdolian and social-selling strategist Scott Kramer share personal success stories, discussing how they overcame obstacles and how they trusted their instincts along the way.

Broadcast every Monday at noon, the episodes are 30 minutes long, and feature topics such as Kramer’s ‘Turning Feeds into Leads: Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Business’ offering.

Evy deAngelis said, “Avon was the first social selling company to help entrepreneurs to ‘make it happen’, and we wanted to give our Representatives and other trailblazers a platform to spotlight their own journeys.
“We are thrilled to share their motivating, candid stories of achieving success on their own terms. Every episode will inspire our listeners to break down barriers and take bold steps forward in their own lives.”

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