Chinese car giant BYD Co claims to be world’s biggest mask maker

Chinese car giant BYD Co claims to be world’s biggest mask maker

THE WHAT? Chinese car maker BYD Co now claims to the biggest producer of face masks after it started production to cater to demand following the coronavirus outbreak, according to Bloomberg. 

THE DETAILS The electric car maker now produces five million masks a day, with a view to expand manufacturing as demand for the products soars following the global spread of the virus. 

Taking to a statement, the company said, “BYD is proud to announce that it has created the world’s largest mass-produced face mask plant. The plant is now running at full capacity and is able to produce 50 lakh masks and three lakh bottles of disinfectants per day.”

BYD chairman and President Wang Chuanfu enlisted a special task force for mask development, which included 3,000 engineers involved in R&D and various leaders from other areas of the company. 

The Warren Buffett-backed BYD Co is said to be making around five to 10 new mask-producing machines a day. 

THE WHY? As the virus spreads globally, the consumer call for masks and sanitizer outpaced the production capability of the market. As a result, many companies spotted a gap in the market, with BYD joined by the likes of IIT-Delhi alumni’s startup Nanoclean, which launched the Naso Mask, with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., petroleum giant Sinopec and iPhone assembler Foxcon all now producing masks. 

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