Cosmax sets up dedicated sun care lab

Cosmax sets up dedicated sun care lab

THE WHAT? Cosmax has announced the establishment of a dedicated OTC lab for sunscreen products within its R&I Center in South Korea. The facility will serve as a specialized laboratory that supports an entire process of sunscreen product production from research to manufacturing.  

THE DETAILS Cosmax is the first in the Korean cosmetics ODM field to receive US FDA OTC certification and operates a specialized management system that includes real time adaptation to evolving US FDA regulations on OTC products.

THE WHY? The Korean beauty manufacturer is aiming to enhance its expertise in the sun care field in response to growing demand from its customers who are hoping to break onto the US sun care market.

Chun-ho Park, Vice President of COSMAX R&I Center, reveals, “In response to the increasing demand from Korean and global clients to enter the US sun care market, we have established OTC Lab. Based on our accumulated expertise in OTC sunscreen products manufacturing since 2016, COSMAX will continue to innovate products in line with the trends and regulations of the US market.”