Could personal care use in pregnancy affect children’s weight?

Could personal care use in pregnancy affect children’s weight?

THE WHAT? A small study into the impact of the use of cosmetics and toiletries containing parabens in pregnancy on the weight of the child has concluded that the controversial chemicals could be responsible for weight gain and obesity in later life, according to a report published by Reuters.

THE DETAILS Birth weight of babies born to mothers who used beauty products formulated with parabens tended to be higher and children were more likely to be overweight by age eight, the study found.

The two-year study looked at data from 629 mother-child pairs, checking data collected on paraben exposure in late pregnancy against annual weight and height checks. Women whose urine samples revealed with higher levels of butylparaben were more likely to have overweight children.

THE WHY? Parabens have been linked with hormonal disruption in the past. “Our results provide strong evidence that parabens, in particular butylparaben, contribute to an increased risk that children will become overweight,” Senior Study Author Tobias Polte of Leipzig University Medical Center in Germany told Reuters in an email.