Douglas looks to indie brands to boost offering

Douglas looks to indie brands to boost offering

European beauty retailer Douglas has teamed up with Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG) in order to deepen its offering and retail smaller, niche brands across Europe, according to a report by

IBMG will assist the retailer in sourcing the brands across various categories, while Douglas will help boost IBMG’s expansion across Europe by acting as the official retail sponsor for the Indie Beauty Expo Berlin, which takes place in March, as well as being the launch sponsor for the German language version of its Beauty Independent digital publication.

Indie brands sold in-store will also have an online presence, and should they prove successful, move up from the table-based assortment and into the general assortment – a move achieved by The Ordinary, which was in the first round of indies.

The partnership between Douglas and IBMG will see the latter help Douglas build up a solid portfolio of indie brands, with Tina Müeller, Douglas Chief Executive Officer, stating, “The trend indie beauty is growing in Europe.”

She continued, “It’s a trend coming from the U.S. specifically, and [it hit] first the U.K. and now [it’s] arriving in continental Europe. Douglas is focusing on that trend. We have brand scouts working for us in the U.S., west and east coast, but also in Asia…to collect interesting indie brands for our assortment.
“We want to source, onboard and facilitate independent brands together for the Douglas assortment. I’s a different challenge to bring independent brands into the assortment and to nourish them and to make them big, or bigger…it needs specific care and specific marketing, and here, IBMG has experience.”

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