Procter & Gamble offshoot brand Opté launches high tech beauty wand

Procter & Gamble offshoot brand Opté launches high tech beauty wand

P&G Ventures offshoot brand Opté has launched the new smart-beauty wand Opté Precision Skincare System at CES 2019.

The digital skin care device offers consumers advanced technology in order to scan, detect and correct ‘hyperpigmentation with precision application to reveal the natural beauty of skin.’

In order to do this the wand uses four technologies: blue LED scan lights, an integrated digital camera, a Minicomputer Precise Color Algorithm and a Micro Serum Jet Printer. When combined with the Precision Serum, the wand is said to achieve ‘perfect-looking skin.’

The device detects discoloration of the skin through the digital camera, with the minicomputer precise algorithm determining the size, shape and intensity of the area. Due to the advanced technology, the wand allows it to treat only the small affected areas, avoiding the skin that doesn’t.

Leigh Radford, Vice President and General Manager of P&G Ventures, said, “By partnering with leading scientists and experts across industries, we have been able to create a first-of-its-kind, digitally-advanced skincare device that is visibly transforming the look of skin. “Opté provides Procter & Gamble with an entirely new category of digital skincare to explore and a technology platform from which to innovate. We’re thrilled to introduce Opté on a world stage such as CES.”