Dove challenges stigma attached to skin conditions with new Singapore ad

Dove has launched a new advertisement in Singapore that aims to tackle the stigma attached to living with skin conditions, according to a report by the Drum.

The advert, created with Goodstuph, follows four women living with eczema and highlights the issues they contend with on a day to day basis.

Looking to inspire sufferers to live without fear of judgement, the advert also hopes to educate consumers on not treating people with skin ailments any differently. The campaign will run in cinemas, social media and television.

Shermaine Chen, Marketing Manager for Singapore at Unilever, said, “Dove DermaSeries delivers dry skin and eczema relief, but we understand that making peace with chronic skin conditions goes beyond the physical.
“There is a lot of emotion behind years of struggle that takes strength to come to terms with. We hope that through the stories that Germaine, Beatrice, Rachel and Zoe have graciously shared, Dove can inspire more skin sufferers to make peace with their skin.”

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