E-commerce platform LazMall unveils consumer-focussed upgrades

E-commerce platform LazMall unveils consumer-focussed upgrades

THE WHAT? LazMall e-commerce platform has unveiled a series of new upgrades that are aimed to empower brands, with a consumer focus in mind, according to Alizila. 

THE DETAILS The platform, operated by Lazada, Alibaba’s flagship online platform in South East Asia, is now offering a new format that includes digital and marketing tools to enable a more fluid user experience. 

Daily sales campaigns now take place, as well as a new ‘follow’ option and a brand directory. Shoppers are now also offered a ‘compensation policy’ that allows for hassle-free returns, as well as assurance against possible counterfeit goods bought in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Businesses can now also streamline their content to target specific consumers, with back-end insights now offering logistics and fulfilment support as well as marketing and insight-driven solutions. 

Jessica Liu, Co-President and Regional Head of Commercial at Lazada Group, said, “LazMall plays a key role in Lazada’s overall business strategy as local and international brands look to advance their presence and growth through an omnichannel approach in Southeast Asia.”

THE WHY? Discussing the benefits of the upgrades, Liu stated, “By strengthening the consumer online commerce journey, we provide brands with more avenues to diversify and increase their consumer touchpoints.”

She continued, “More than 80% of Forbes’ Most Valuable Consumer Brands are on LazMall because we are constantly investing in key infrastructure services and user experience to support and complement our brand partners. Our goal is not only to help brands succeed online but also be sensitive to consumer trends and create a safe and trusted shopping experience for our users.”

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