Gulf chemical makers call for regulation crack down

Gulf chemical makers call for regulation crack down

THE WHAT? The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) is calling for global harmonisation of standards for the classification and labelling of chemicals, according to a report published by Chemical Watch.

THE DETAILS The GPCA is also pursuing a single framework for the entire GCC trade bloc, says Chemical Watch. To that end it has partnered with the Gulf Standards Organisation, to push for the adoption of the UN’s Globally Harmonized System.

“Our efforts are focused on paving the road in GCC for harmonised implementation of chemicals management,” Kashif Rasheed, GPCA’s Senior Specialist for Responsible Care told the publication. “By all means we are supportive of stricter regulatory regimes in this regard.”

THE WHY? Standards are fragmented across the GCC region – harmonisation would ultimately reduce the cost of compliance for chemicals manufacturers.

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