L’Occtiane Group unveils new personalised beauty system Duolab

THE WHAT? L’Occitane Group has unveiled a new natural and preservative-free personalised beauty system, named Duolab. 

THE DETAILS? The beauty startup system, which was co-developed with SEB Group and will be produced under the Rowenta brand, offers a new approach to skincare, which Duolab is calling ‘skin responsive care.’

Duolab comprises ‘a sophisticated app and counter top device, harnesses AI technology to adapt to the skin’s constantly changing needs, producing personalised, natural, preservative-free face care formulas, blended fresh and on demand.’

By using the app and the skin diagnostic tool, the product assesses the consumer’s skin priorities, feedback and photos to then create a personalised skincare capsule. Preservative free, the system is also microbiome friendly. 

The company has also teamed up with Terracycle in order to effectively recycle the empties produced from the system, with consumers being rewarded the more they recycle. 

THE WHY? With personalised skincare and eco-consumersim two key trends remaining steadfast, the new system is catering to wide consumer demand. 

Reingold Geiger, CEO of L’Occitane Group, said, “DUOLAB is set to revolutionise the cosmetics industry. Its patented innovation, developed over the course of five years is a truly unique concept and perfectly illustrates the Group’s continued investment in genuine innovations while staying true to its core values: a human approach to cosmetics, respect for the environment, sustainability, entrepreneurial spirit, and its ambition to be the market leader in natural cosmetics.”