L’Oréal teams up with Tencent’s WeChat to boost ModiFace presence in China

L’Oréal teams up with Tencent’s WeChat to boost ModiFace presence in China

L’Oréal has teamed up with Tencent-owned WeChat to launch the first 3D augmented reality make-up try-on facility for WeChat Mini Program. The application is supported by L’Oréal’s tech arm ModiFace and will debut on Giorgio Armani Beauty’s official WeChat Mini Program shopping site.

“Tech has changed our lifestyle and shopping habits. The debut of ModiFace’s 3D makeup try-on application on China’s social media is L’Oréal China’s new milestone under the Group’s vision to be a champion of beauty-tech company worldwide. It shows our determination to accelerate the upgrade from ‘digitalization’ to ‘beauty-tech’, activate an accumulative effect between beauty and technology, and bring better life for more people in China,” said Fabrice Megarbane, CEO of L’Oréal China. “In China, everyone is longing for unique and personalized beauty. This is the biggest differentiator of Chinese consumers. With WeChat’s active social network of more than 1.1 billion monthly active people and ModiFace’s innovative technology, we can integrate beauty more deeply into the lives of more Chinese consumers and help put their dream for customized and unique beauty into reality.”

Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace, added, “China has the world’s largest community of digital natives and the most dynamic tech innovation ecosystem. It is a place of inspiration and opportunity for global innovators. We are very happy to work with Tencent WeChat to bring world-leading beauty tech achievements to the Chinese consumer, whose desire to lead the good life knows no bounds. At the same time, we also look forward to expanding partnership with more Chinese innovators to create ‘heartfelt’ beauty tech that pleases consumers around the world and in China”.

Sean YU, Head of Retail Industry Application, WeChat Open Platform, Tencent said, “Tencent is good at connecting people with other people, services and devices, with a mission to help brands and companies offer better service to consumers. L’Oréal is committed to creating beauty and promoting the power of beauty to change people’s lives. We have a concerted determination to provide consumers and users with superior products, service and experience. Our extension to AR demonstrates Mini Program’s strong capabilities to apply cutting-edge technologies, and its broader potential to support growth of various sectors. We are looking forward to expanding collaboration with more partners like L’Oréal, supporting brands and service providers to diversify their engagement approaches, and giving full play to the potential of tech to bring better life to all people.”