L’Oréal West Africa cleans up on annual CSR drive

L’Oréal West Africa cleans up on annual CSR drive

The staff and management of L’Oréal West Africa had a day out with a difference last week, according to a report published by Pulse News.

As part of its annual charity day, known as ‘Citizen’s Day’, the team travelled to Accra’s La Beach for a litter-picking exercise.

The company also donated a set of trash cans in order to encourage visitors to the beach to dispose of their trash responsibly, going forward.

“In Ghana, we feel like the country has a very beautiful ecosystem and tourist locations but is hasn’t been kept up. The Labadi Beach is one of the most popular and best-looking beaches that I know but it could look a lot better if it was treated better,” GM of L’Oréal West Africa, Sekou Coulibaly told Pulse News.

“As part of that we want to be helping the environment by cleaning the plastics and anything else that is polluting the beach.”

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