New York will lift CBD ban if regulations pass

New York will lift CBD ban if regulations pass

THE WHAT? The New York State Department of Health has unveiled its proposed regulations to police the sale of CBD-based products in the state, according to a report published by The National Law Review. Should the legislation pass, it would reverse the 2019 ban on such preparations.

THE DETAILS The proposed rules would impose manufacturing standards on CBD products, set a legal maximum concentration for food and beverage products as well as supplements and limit the THC content to 0.3 percent total.

CBD-based products would be subject to strict labelling rules too, with labels required to carry the total amount of CBD in the product, the number of cannabinoids per serving, and health warnings pertinent to children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

THE WHY? With the Food and Drug Administration yet to implement a national framework, the New York health body is attempting to fill the regulatory void.